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Transparent Notepad 2.0

A free open-source tool to replace your standard note editor
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Transparent Notepad is a free open-source tool designed to replace your standard note editor. This attractive tool comes in a translucent window that will let you see through the text you are writing/editing. This will allow you to have your notepad open for as long as you need without losing track of what is going on in your desktop, or to take notes of events or data appearing in other windows without changing their size or position. Besides, if the default background color (white) does not meet your taste, pick up a different one from the palette provided. However, note that the level of transparency is fixed, so remember that lighter colors make clearer translucent tones.

Though the similarities between their interfaces are evident, Transparent Notepad offers a larger number of options than those we find in the Microsoft product. This is possible mainly due to the possibility of creating both HTML and RTF documents, along with the traditional ASCII files, a choice which is not available in Microsoft’s notepad. Thus, you can add bullet points to your texts, as well as indentations, alignments, and images. Likewise, text supports different fonts and some basic font styles (underlining, bold, and italics), together with the already mentioned paragraph styles.

All in all, Transparent Notepad is far from being a comprehensive text editor, but it certainly is an improvement over well-known and widely-used ASCII notepads, as well as, undoubtedly, a much more attractive tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive design
  • Support for RTF and HTML documents


  • The level of transparency cannot be changed
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